Friday, 4 December 2009

Products I want to Love

I buy sooooooo much makeup its silly ( especially considering i dont really know how to apply it) and these are a few  products i have purchased recently that i really want to love but i dont, either becuase i am not using them properly or they are not what i expected.....

Advice on how to make the most of them would be most appreciated

1. Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Phenomena

The pot is soooooooooooo tiny and as i dont get that many opportunities to wear anything other than neutral work suitable makeup i am struggling to find ways to use it

2. Sleek All That Glitters in Cranberry

I wanted this to be a reddy pink but it really it a bright fuschia pink and i dont seem to be able to get it to look like anything but having had my daughter attack me with some sprinkling ( or glitter for those normal people who dont speak toddler)

The Dainty Doll Range

I recently purchased a  blusher and eyesahdow from ASOS. By the time it had arrived the price had dropped and i was just so underwhelmed i sent them back before even opening them ( i was having a bad week). I think this may have been a mistake as i have read some good reviews of the lip colours and i would love to love the blusher as i am looking for a combo to make contouring easy.

What are your opinions on the range???

I have loads more that i will add to the list as and when i can dig them out of the bottom of my draws (and brain as my memory is like a seive)


  1. I don't have phenomena in the liquid metal, but I do have Solstice and I find that it creases by the end of the day, the best thing I have done is 1. Use a base 2. Use a translucent powder to set it 3. Layer it with an eyeshadow, (I use a matt) in the outer corners and crease (just pat it on). This will make it more wearable for work :)

    I havnt tried any of the other products sorry! I hope I have helped anyway


  2. well.. i think i may have some ideas ..

    when it comes to the liquid metal .. i really like to use it as and eyeliner on the lower lash line
    with a really natural eyeshadow and a medium brown eyeliner on top .. with natural lips
    that look would look great for easy night look

    and when it comes to the glitter..
    i really like a look that is created by tanya burr on her youtube chanel
    u can use the bright fushia instead of the bright blue that she used
    here is the link:

    i hope that i could help u with something..


    Danger beauty