Tuesday, 22 December 2009

OOPS !!!!

I spend a lot (too much really) of time online searching for makeup and clothes to spend my (ever dwindling) money on.

Once of my recent diamond finds is a clothing brand called OOPS. The designs and prints are slightly ‘out there’ but that makes me like them even more.

First on my wishlist is one of these (super versatile) dresses:

In this fabric:


Closely followed by one of these  :

Even I would struggle not to look ‘Trendy’ in either of those (apologies for my use of the word trendy, my 2 year old (yes she is only 2) has decided she “will only wear trendy clothes” (her words) and whilst currently mums choice in clothes is sufficing I cannot see this lasting forever)

The designs are available to purchase online via here ( for very reasonable prices), if like me you cannot get to one of the boutiques that stock them.

What is your favourite print???

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the linkie! I love their cape and shrug.