Friday, 4 December 2009

Jemma Kidd make-up Masterclass

I have recently been looking for a book to 'teach' me how to use the scores of makeup I own.

Why I choose make-up Masterclass by Jemma Kidd among the many books on amazon I can’t really say except I think the look on the front cover sold it to me, those eyes are stunning.

Product Description

'Millions of women throughout the world wear make-up, but few of them have been taught how to apply it.' HANDS UP IN AGREEMENT- MY MUM NEVER WORE MAKEUP SO I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE MY OBSESSION CAME FROM This is what inspired leading international make-up artist Jemma Kidd's vision for her make-up school, product line and now book, which aims to teach a new generation of women how to use the latest and best formulations and techniques. Jemma Kidd Make-up is a glamorous, contemporary yet timeless make-up book that demystifies the art of make-up and shows every woman how to enhance her best features and feel confident in her appearance, whatever her age or lifestyle THERE ARE DAY TO DAY LOOKS FOR EVERYONE IN THIS BOOK. Beautifully photographed and designed IT IS VERY NICE TO LOOK AT, it offers expert advice in an accessible and digestible way: informative text is broken down into bite-size chunks, with quotes, top tips, insider secrets and practical step-by-step instructions. With more than 10 years' experience of working in the beauty industry, Jemma Kidd shares her professional know-how and explains her fail-safe techniques for maximizing natural beauty. While sharing insights into her life as a make-up artist, with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the preparation that goes on before a catwalk show or a magazine shoot, Jemma explains how she works with the latest fashion trends to creates new looks and colour schemes, and shows how these sometimes extreme looks can be adapted and toned down for everyday wear I REALLY SHOULD HAVE READY THIS DESCRIPTION IN MORE DETAIL - ALTHOUGH I WAS LOOKING FOR A BOOK WITH EVERYDAY LOOKS I ALSO WANTED MUCH MORE COUTURE LOOKS AND TECHNIQUES (THINK ALEX BOX). About the Author a former model and fashion stylist, Jemma Kidd has been a leading international make-up artist since 1999 and was nominated for make-up artist of the year at the Pantene awards in 2000. She has a weekly column in You magazine (Mail on Sunday).


It has a blank face chart in the back to copy

It has a list of Jemma's favourites which does not just list her products which I had expected it too - and the fact she mentions Illamasqua is a big plus in my book.

In fact she never really specifically mentions her own products in the books, I took this as a good thing as I don’t actually have anything from her range (yet) but if someone brought this to learn to use her product maybe it would not be black and white enough

When going into detail about how to apply mascara/liner/eyeshadow etc there are step by step instructions (but as mentioned below this is not carried through to the 'how to create looks' section)

The photography is stunning and it’s very well laid out and easy to read


I think my main bug bear with the book is that it does not really take it beyond every day looks (It’s not outrageous enough) and this is my fault completely for not reading the description fully.

It has a huge section on skincare - This is a personal thing but if I wanted a book on skincare I would have brought one (picky I know)

Now on to relevant points,The majority of the looks at the end of the book only have written instructions. I need pictures of every step like there were earlier in the basic how to sections.

Carrying on the above point: There is a face chart to copy at the back of the book but there is no face charts used in the book, it would have been good to have face charts of all the looks as well as written instructions.


This is probably the most indecisive book review you will ever have read but in all honesty, I don’t love the book (even though I wanted to) but I’m not ready to bin it either.

The book doesn’t cover what I was hoping it would but it is full of information about everything to do with creating flawless day to day looks ( for those who can follow written instructions really well - I need pictures but I think that’s baby brain (2yrs on))

What do you think of it?
What book would you refer to as your makeup bible??


  1. i'm still undecided on whether i would buy it or not. maybe ill head over to borders and see if they have it, so i can look at the book. hmmm...

  2. Im sorry my review couldnt help lol. It is a really lovely book, just not quite right for me

  3. Lovely blog!