Thursday, 17 December 2009

I am actually quite impressed by a Magazine

Namely the January Issue of Women’s Fitness.

I have yet to find a magazine I really like and actually want to read from cover to cover.

With fashion magazines this doesn’t matter as I just want to look at the pictures anyway (and if I read the stories and found out the prices of pieces I think my reaction may be detrimental to my health)

But with diet/health and fitness magazines, the written content is quite important to me (unless it’s a men’s health magazine).

Back to the point...I have read a few health/diet mag’s (including, Zest, Top Santé, Weight Watchers, Slim at Home, Rosemary Conley etc etc) but I have to say that this magazine ( and issue) is my favourite by far

My opinion however, is based purely on the one issue having never read it before and a choice in magazine is very personal so what I like you may not.

This magazine seems to contain exactly what I am looking for.

Loads of fitness info, broken down into small manageable (and sometimes humorous) chunks. All of a very readable length and on a wide enough range of exercise types etc to have something for everyone.

This specific issue includes articles on sprinting, posture improvement, exercises to make walking in high heels easier and boxing to name just a few.

And it includes small features on beauty, hair & makeup and diet that are essential, in any woman’s magazine (in my opinion) but they do not make up the bulk of the content which is important (I would buy a beauty magazine if I wanted one)

I may be treating myself to a subscription in the new year (if they have a good subscription gift), but in the mean time I may treat myself to one of their books

Has anyone tried them?

Anyone got any recommendations for other women’s exercise orientated magazines?

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