Thursday, 10 December 2009

HJ Manicure Polishes

I am not a nail varnish connoisseur. I don’t find the whole experience of getting a manicure quite as relaxing as some, but I do have to have neat and tidy nails for work and find an on trend nail colour is a good way to funk up my boring work attire so…….

After reading various reviews I placed an order for 2 polishes from HJ Manicure (3 turned up as Helen very kindly sent me another one to play with). These turned up today (amazingly- after having only been ordered Tuesday) and here I am sat writing about them only 15 minutes after having unwrapped them.

First impressions......


I will go into more detail after I have shown you the colours I received.....
I only rec'd the 5ml sizes but couldn’t find pics of all the small bottles

I am very very into Greys at the moment so immediately had to have R8 and I thought a grown up gold for Christmas would be nice too. Helen sent me Tinsel which is gorgeous purple from the Festive Collection.

I now have my eye on 'Twinkle’ the festive collection too but its currently out of stock so will have to wait.

Now onto the important bit, why I am so impressed.

1. Super quick delivery (especially considering the time of year)

2. Bottle size and shape

I love the fact that the small sizes (5ml) of colour are available. I don’t tend to stick with one colour and find a bottle may be ruined before I have used even a quarter of it so at this price for this quality (£3.50) definitely value for money.

Onto the shape, I am rubbish at putting varnish on (as I am any other type of cosmetic product) so the ease of application is important to me and I think the shape of the lid is a big part of this and having recently purchased both Resist and Shine from L’Oreal and a Mavala mini this has become even more apparent as in both of their cases the awkward lid shapes make them difficult to hold steady, which is not the case with the HJ polishes

3. The Colours are fab.

I'm not really commenting on the colours themselves as that's very much personal choice, but I do think the colours are accurately depicted on the website. They look on your nails as the do in the bottle and I am sitting here with only 1 coat of both R8 and Champagne and if I was in a rush I would happily leave it like that.

4. The formulation.

For me the formulation is perfect, it dries with enough time to spare to clean up any mistakes but I also know I can chase after my daughter after only a few minutes without the risk of my nails smudging.This again is very much down to personal preference though.

I don’t think I can add much more apart from that they are available here

Oh and....

If you find me saying definitely a lot, I will apologise. My daughter is obsessed with Charlie and Lola at the minute so ever sentence must contain either 'Definitely' or 'Never Ever'

and......I am using images from the website because my camera is rubbish but I do think the colours are reflected accurately.

and..... why doesnt blogger have a spellcheck anymore

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  1. We love Charlie & Lola too, although my little one is just growing out of them and into Phineas & Ferb instead.

    Love these nail polishes. I have Twinkle (I pictured it on my blog this weekend) and it's gorgeous. I really like the formula too; very easy to apply and I find it wears well too.