Thursday, 31 December 2009

A Few Changes

I am changing things once again – I will hopefully one day find a blogging format/blog name/layout etc etc I am comfortable with.

I have decided that I am going to reintegrate both my diet and beauty blogs into one as they have such a huge impact on each other that it seems silly to have them separate.

When I am confident with my body my clothing purchases increase and when I am feeling low my makeup purchases increase.

I also find the supplements I take for my diet take there toll on my skin, which in turn impacts my makeup purchases.

My life really does revolve around makeup and diets doesn’t it!!!!! (I don’t think I am alone though)

The name is still a Mae West quote and I think it’s quite fitting for all the subjects I will be blogging about, because although I am trying to loose weight I am doing this for health reasons. I know I am never going to be ‘skinny’ so I am on the hunt for exercise etc. to accentuate my curves.

So… In summary all my diet/exercise/beauty posts will now be on one blog ( thats here but just wrote one post for both blogs)

I hope my diet followers will come over and join me there too as there is most definitely going to be a lot for you to read this year and that the followers of my beauty blog will get a more rounded picture of my life and join in with the dicussions on my diet posts too.

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