Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mizzworthy Illamasqua Contest

I am very much still just practicing but with the prizes on offer ( and a dream that no one else would enter) I thought I would enter the Mizzworthy Illamasqua contest with the theme

Think Outside the Box

I was thinking about this whilst lying in bed in the dark with the rain spattering at my window and all I could think of was doing something monochrome and scary.

Whats more monochrome than………..

A Victorian inspired Silhouette

And whats scarier than………….


I am so scared of birds its unbelieveavble. The scariest thing I have ever ever done is hold a parrot in the hope that seeing her mum being brave would mean my daughter is not instilled with the same irrational fear.

But Birds and monochrome was not enough of a theme for me, as my actual application skills are lacking I wanted to make sure I had a solid theme and plan.

Carrying on the monochrome scary theme, I started looking to my favourite gothic horrors for inspiration of which my favourite is ……..


As I have said before I am by no means a MUA, I cant put lipstick on without smudging it, but I hope that from the (v.poor) attempt ( and my camera skills are as rubbish as my application skills) you can see what my idea would have been and where the inspiration came from.

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