Monday, 9 November 2009

I think that I think about thinking too much

Can you successfully diet whilst suffering with depression ?
Can you successfully recover from depression whilst trying to diet ?
Exercise makes you feel more motivated but how do you get motivated to exercise?
If you do loose weight will that make your depression better?
Does trying to diet take up energy that could be used to make the depression better?

They are just some of the things I think about on a regular basis. I probably think about these type of things too much and if I just got on with it I would be skinny and as happy as larry.

I tend to find I am too tired to exercise after a hard day at work but I don’t think the doctors suggestion of cutting down my work hours will help my depression as I could just see myself spending that extra time in my house with no adult company.

I need to keep taking my medication but I think these are hampering my weight loss

Should I have been exercising instead of writing this???

There are a few things I have done though which may help one and not hinder the other:
· I now take extra B vitamins and magnesium.
· I have just brought a lumie clock that should hopefully regulate my sleep patterns and mean I have more energy when I am awake
· I have still dramatically cut down on the amount of dairy products I consume which should help the diet and depression
· I am drinking more green/herbal tea which should help the diet and doesn’t over load me with caffeine.

Is there anything else I could be doing???

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  1. @ Michael : Thankyou !! Looking at all the fab bags on your blog has helped to cheer me up no end

    Good luck with loosing weight too - keep me posted on how your getting on