Monday, 16 November 2009

I am an advertisers dream come true

Not 2 minutes after a nails inc special offer email had popped into my inbox had I ordered all of this.

But in my defence I did only spend £35  as the majority was freebies.
Thats less than £3.50 and item which would have been criminal to miss

Criminal in a fashion police sense and I am already on a suspended sentence

Im feeling 'GREY' at the minute - any good makeup colour/brand/product suggestions?


  1. Sleek - Sunset palette! It's stunning! I used mine for the first time today and it's made me feel cheerful all day long :D

    What an awesome load of Nails Inc. goodies!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion - It's on my wish list, I just wish it was easier to get.
    I hope the online shop opens soon

  3. Is that Hanover Road I spy there? I LOVEEEE that colour.

  4. @ Bicky It is - I only really wanted 2 colours and that was one of them

  5. Ahh that is amazing. As soon as I saw it I was like ok I NEED that.