Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Change of Direction

I have decided as my life Is taking a change of direction the blog really should too, but as I didn’t want to start a new one I thought the following would give you an insight into the changes.

First of all the name change, I think a dream of being a recognisable alternative model was a bit unrealistic and whilst I loved doing all the shoots I did, as my daughter grows older the time I have to shoot gets less and less. And whilst I am definitely an alternative girl at heart that’s not really practical for playgroup get togethers and 9-5 office work.

So the aim of the blog is now to record my journey of STYLE self discovery which hopefully with the help of my readers/followers/blogs and lots of glossy magazines should be painless.

I love makeup and I love clothes and I love to write ( I am going to be sad and post pics of some of my writing certs etc. at some point) so this is going to combine the 3.

I really want this to be a group effort, I follow a lot of blogs by beautiful women who very much have their own sense of style and can write about it effectively so I will be drawing on their advice (and sharing it) in the hope someone will get something from mine.

I would love anyone who reads this to comment with a link to their own blog (free advertising – of sorts) and links to any other blog I or my other readers might enjoy.


PS. As I have said In the past any shopping ideas are very much appreciated (who does not love virtual online shopping) and i will always try to add something extra to my basket for you