Sunday, 22 November 2009

Aussie inspired makeup ( well a sort of attempt)

When I saw this comp on Lipglossiping I thought I would have a go.
I am rubbish (really rubbish) at putting makeup on but what better way to learn than to practice hey

So the theme is Australia (ish) and this is what popped into my head ( in this order)

Jason Crump ( my biggest crush ever - dont laugh tooooooooo loud)
( I couldnt resist a pic)

Olivia Newton John

Neighbour and Home & Away

Aboriginal art

From that list aboriginal art was the only thing that I could find any insiration in, and what I know about aboriginal art is very little except its natural colours and patterns.

Like this......

As I thought about it some more this picture popped into my head..

 Its at this point I decided I would try a look, both incorporating some kind of aboriginal insipred pattern and some natural neutral colours

As we are now about to start viewing the pictures I will point out that not only is my technique rubbish but so is my camera but I hope you can get the gist.

My Look :Natural

For this look I used mostly mineral makeup in very natural colours and I put a slight wave in my hair with my straightners

This was my plan:

and this is how it ended up..............


  1. Fantastic!! I lurrrved reading about the thought process that went with it. Thanks so much for entering. Btw, that lipstick is hawt!! is it cool toned?

  2. any question with the word 'tone' in it is diffuclt to a makeup novice (the only thing i am good at is buying it) but yes I think it is.
    Its ELF Fashionista lip stain btw