Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Another diet fad........

If there is a diet fad you can be guaranteed that I am either trying it or I have already tried it (I am not lazy(most of the time) and I know I need to work hard to achieve all my goals blah blah blah but an extra help I think I might be able to get I am going to take)
One of my current Fad’s is the ‘Burner Balm’ a lip balm that claims to help you loose weight and stay energised

Burner Balm contains energising, appetite-suppressing and fat burning ingredients. The revolutionary lip balm is made from pure soy oils, Hoodia and Green Tea extract as well as Chromium Picolinate and Natural Caffeine.
Burner Balm is the revolutionary brainchild of Dr. Allan Kurtz, in response to his patients' concerns about weight gain and lack of energy.
If you are feeling tired, apply Burner Balm ... If you are between meals and feel an urge to snack, apply Burner Balm ... Best used on naked lips or apply under lipstick.
Burner Balm Lip balm has an SPF of 15 and also helps provide a protective barrier from the harsh elements, locking in moisture and preventing dryness and chapped lips.
Let Burner Balm help you with your weight loss!

This is one fad that I have approached wholeheartedly (its sat on my desk in front of me right now as I am typing) as if I can the results It claims for £8.95 and 2 seconds putting on lip balm like i normally would its time and money well spent.

I have not been using it long enough to see weight loss, but I would have expected by now to have more energy and I don’t (in fact I probably feel worse which I am not blaiming on the burner balm but it seems to me to be proof that its not going to do anything)

I can say though that it tastes and smells nice and does cure chapped lips ( but at £8.95 its very expensive just to do that)

I will continue to use it in the (ever dwindling) hope that it well help with weight loss and will report back on this soon.

In the mean time I have some detox tablets and a (very expensive) Lumie lamp to put to the test in trying to increase my energy levels which I will report back on very soon.

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