Friday, 23 October 2009

UK Mineral Company - Funky Fresh Minerals

Whilst trawling the interweb for yet more mineral makeup, specifically UK brands with samples, I stumbled upon Funky Fresh Skincare on Ebay.

I had planned on just purchasing the Bold Brights sample collection but then I saw they had a metallics set, but sadly no samples. I therefore decided to email them to see if they would list a sample set of the metaillics for me, but they very kindly said they would send some samples for me to try that does mean what i received was free but i was under no obligation to blog about them any opinion i post are my own and unbiased .

This is what i received....

Now you may or may not know but i never ever order foundation samples. I have been using Bare Escentuals for a long time now and i have no need to change that. I have tried a few high street brands but they never compare. So when i found a foundation in my package i wrote it off before i even tried it but after having my husband moan at me once again for having a ton of makeup i never wear i thought i would try it just to get him off my back and to my surprise i LOVE it. The texture is fantastic, its extremely fine (unlike Avon) but the coverage is still fantastic and when i used one (actually 2- I'm getting better at this application malarkey) of their blushes too the finish was flawless. I am now converted so will no longer be repurchasing Bare Escentuals.

Onto the blusher, which entailed another learning curve. I used to avoid bronzers or brown blushers like the plague,I was sooooooo convinced i would end up looking orange. I had however seen some fantastic looks where a brown colour has been used to contour so i thought i would give them all a try and i must admit i am now hooked on 'Spicy' which was the darkest matte brown i had ever tried. Even my husband has noticed something different ( in a good way) when i wear it. The texture and colour payoff are once again fantastic.

The lipgloss i was sent was called very berry and this has the best texture of the mineral lip products i have tried so far. Its more like a stain and the dark colour is perfect for Autumn.

Onto my main focus - the metallic eyeshadows. When i went to try these i was expecting to have to foil them all to get the look i was after, but actually i think Bronze and Gold are prettier dry and no less metallic. Silver is a very pretty colour dry but becomes very intense when foiled. I have even used this product dusted dry on my lips just to give some interest (something i would never thought of doing if i had not seen silver lips using some Illamasqua products). Out of the 4 pewter is my least favourite colour but still does what it says on the tin, its a metallic pewter colour. I think its just a tad too dark for me.

I was also sent the matte collection to try and these again are good quality highly pigmented shadows, my favourite is Buff. It gives my eyes that 'my eyes but 100 times better look' and is the perfect base for a daytime look.

I can't say much more than these are all fantastic products and i will be repurchasing the blusher and foundation and I will be trying the Bold Brights and Soft Satin eyeshadows

You can purchase it here - let me know what you think???

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