Friday, 23 October 2009

Now i am on a roll...........

More mineral make up reviews - but these are just quickies as i purchased the products after seeing reviews on other blogs namely Fresco Phyrrah and Sparkle is my Crack . These ladies do fantastic reviews, swatches and looks so def. go check them out for a bit more info.
I placed orders with (that means i paid for everything i received) ..........


The She Space (About Face Cosmetics)



The order from Fyrinnae came beautifully and safely packaged, which is very important as i have received packages via airmail on numerous occasions where the contents have been damaged.

The colour range is HUGE, i really really struggled to pick the few i wanted to try. This is definitely the place to go for alternative colours.

The sample sizes are again HUGE and in little pots (without a sifter) which i find easier to use than bags.

I purposely picked colours that were a bit 'strange' ( by that i mean not natural everyday colours) so i have not used them loads, but when i have used them they go on well and can be blended easily.I am by no means an expert at makeup application (in fact a monkey would probably have similar results) but i managed to apply them which can only be a good thing.

I ordered 2 lip glosses ( i wanted more) and whilst the pigmentation is fantastic and very long lasting they weren't quite as smooth as i expected them (they had little lumps in which took a while to get out and they were very noticeable in the darker colours)

I will be placing another order when i see a colour that catches my eye.

Onto my Mixology order. I must admit i had never thought about looking on etsy for makeup but now i am hooked and always check there first for new ranges. These were the quickest by far to be delivered and come in fantastic little Pod's that i love. I went for safer colours with this order (there is soooooooooo much choice).

Armor and Bones are 2 of my favourite colours from the range. You can guess what colour bone is (very natural beige) and Armor is a dark silver/pewter colour that can be applied lightly for a pretty look or foiled for a more dramatic look.

They have a range of sets and kits which are perfect (especially for me as i have no idea what goes together and how to do it) and they are a business with a conscience which i think is very important.

'we still intend to share 5% of our sales with Blood:Water Mission, I believe their work is so instrumental in the healing of Africa and I want us to be a part of it, but along with that Mixology’s sales will also go to support me in China while volunteering! So no matter what you are supporting charitable work on at least 2 continents.'

You can go to there etsy profile page to find out in more detail about the charitable work they do.

And lastly my order of About Face Cosmetics. I was very reserved when purchasing from here as i had already placed 2 mineral makeup orders and when purchasing from outside the UK postage can get quite expensive.

I will be honest here and say that i have not actually had a chance to try what i did get yet as i have had a bad break out of eczema on my eyes so i am not using any eye products at the moment. But i though i would still mention them as i am so impressed with the collections available and the work that must go into it. Since i have been checking them out there have been numerous new collections and limited editions being added.

I am in love with this Balenciaga inspired collection and once i have tried what i have got i will definitely be purchasing this.

The Custom pigment bar is a stroke of genius too.

I also love the reds in the Aries collection - How would i be able to turn these into lip colours???


  1. Great post... I'm gonna try mixology soon, love the look of some of those shades!

    Im waiting on an order from The She Space, they just had a big blowout sale and I ordered just up to the import threshold.

    You have lots of lovely makeup now!

  2. I do (my husband would say too much). I am going to post a pic of how much i do actually have once i have found enough boxes to put it in.


  3. Aw I'm so glad you tried some of my favorite companies XD

    I know the Fyrinnae lip lustres are sort of gritty...I actually put a drop (literally, the tiniest of bits!) into each one and use a toothpick to swirl it. Since they are basically mica, they tend to get a bit grainy from weather changes. I love mine now though!!

    I *love* the aries collection too!! There are so many ways to turn them into lipcolors...The easiest of which (for the lazy girl like me lol) is to put on lip balm, use a fluffy shadow brush, pat color on and blend. The "real" way to do it is to buy a lipgloss base (they have a great, affordable one at and mix some pigment into it. Easy, but if you are like me, I like my variety!

    Have a great weekend doll!

  4. Thanks for the tips. I will def. be trying my lip glosses again and I think I will be purchasing the Aries collection when I can come with a reason why I NEED it x