Friday, 16 October 2009

News !!!!

Apologies for the lack of posting - we are just back for 5 days at Butlins and as i refused to pay £20 for wifi i was internetless....

The day before holiday i went to superdrug and decided to let go of the bad experiences i have had with Barry M in the past and opted for not 1 but 6 items, 1 lipstick,1 blush,2 nailvarnishes and 2 kohl's that were freebies. I also got 2 of the new glitters from Collection 2000 and a sample of the new GOSH primer.Full reviews to come later.

I took the first step in my radical makeover and i had my hair cut, yes you did read that right, i finally got my hair cut.

What do you think????
Now i just have to get myself some straigtners so i can style it and save up to have something fantastic done to the colour.

I have also been thinking about swapping to Aussie hair products to try and tame the frizz - I know lots of you ladies have had a chance to try it, what do you think? Do they do samples/small sizes?

In the post when we returned a few hours ago was the last of the mineral samples i recently ordered. I have been playing with them as they were received but have been waiting for them all so i can compare and contrast before reviewing them on here.

My orders were from:

and Funky Fresh who are a uk based business i found on ebay but they are now setting up a website.
I am really funny about mineral foundation, I love to play around with eye colours and blush etc but in the past i have never strayed from my Bare Escenntuals foundation untill now and i will be continuing to used the foundation from Funky Fresh as i love it.

I also think i am going to have to go shopping for some new accessories to help me update my wardrobe. Any suggestions on where to be looking or what to be looking for????

I have hundreds of posts planned for here (including the recent pictures which i rec'd while i was away) and my diet blog but time is limited as my daughter nears the terrible two's so i promise i will be neglecting the ironing to post at every chance i can get



  1. I hope you had a fab time xx sounds like makeup heaven!


  2. Yay! How are you getting on with the BarryM blush?

    Aussie stuff is lovely... it's the smell that's the clincher for me! I *think* you can get travel size versions, but don't hold me to that!

    Hair looks gorg btw - hoorah for bobs!

  3. @ Matilda We had a lovely time thankyou - cant get the Bob the Builder theme out of my head though
    @ Lipglossiping I am loving the colour - I went in to get a bright pink/red but they had no testers of the 2 shades i was interested in so i came away with No.6.
    I want to use it for contouring but my application skills need some work before i get the look i am going for.
    At the moment my Barry M demons are laid to rest but i still have some kohls and a lispstick to try
    I am glad someone likes the bob - I am not quite convinced on the fringe yet but i am getting there