Thursday, 1 October 2009

First Opinions !!!

I got a rebounder for my birthday after dropping hints for months. I had planned to use it just for running on but after a bit of reserach found this dvd from the 'Juice Master' and thought i would treat myself.

I have had a migrane for days - anyone know of a natural way to get rid of them??? - so i wimped out and watched it for the first time in bed (as far away from the actual rebounder as i could get).

My very honest first opinion:

- If i suddenly had as much energy as him then people would think i was on drugs
- 40 mins a day of rebounding (even if split into 2 slots) may get a bit boring
- I need to get a good sports bra.

Seriosuly though, I am not sure this was the best DVD to get for me as i wanted to use the rebounder as a serious way to improve my fitness, but i will be giving it a go as if the reviews for his books etc. are anything to go by then the man is onto a winner.

I will post back with my thoughts once I have actually had a go.


  1. Get on the rebounder and let me know if it is good! If not I have a good one you can borrow.
    Happy bouncing.

  2. Sounds interesting - I'd never heard of it before... can't wait to read more !