Friday, 9 October 2009

Changing Tessa

I am frumpy and I have made soo many excuses why I am allowed to be frumpy

  • £££
  • weight
  • Situation (Husband and baby by 21)
  • Job

But i want that to chage and i could do with your help !! There are super fashionable larger people and people with families and office jobs so i cant use them as excuses to look like a bum most of the time

I know i am not going to change into a fashionista overnight so i have broken it down into a few different steps, some of which will take time and some of which i will need your advice on.

  • I need a haircut - my hair has not been touched for over a year and i cant remeber the last time i actually styled it myself
  • I do need to tone up/loose weight - join me on my diet blog to see how thats going
  • I need to actually have a decent capsule wardrobe
  • I need to learn to accessories and then buy some accessoires then will show off my personal style on a budget
  • Find my own personal style
  • I need to learn to put on the draws of makeup i actually own
  • I need to learn to walk in heels
  • I need to learn to feel confident in the way i look when i have done all of the above

This is me and the way i dress/do my hair (or dont do it) and do my makeup (or again, dont do it) now (well its a year ago but i chose the pic as i am sitting here typing this in the same top and its a truly awful picture so any afters will be a huge improvement)

Hopefully the next picture will be an improvement and then in a years type i wont even be recognisable


  1. Don't harsh on yourself about your "weight"'re beautiful!! (And your little one, too, by the way!)

    If you haven't done anything with your hair in a while, maybe it would be exciting to get a cut AND color..? Have you ever worn bangs? Do you like them? I think they might look very cute on you!

    ~ ~ disclaimer: hope505 is not affiliated in any way with the fashion industry! ~ ~
    * ; )

  2. Thankyou Hope505 - I know i need to work on being more positive about myself and the way i look. Hopefull being more happy with my hair and clothes etc will mean i can become more comfortable with my size.

    I have had my haircut and i have bangs (though i am not convinced yet) and i am saving up for a colour too