Monday, 26 October 2009

A little experiment.........

When i had just had my daughter and was probably siffering the most severly i ever have with depression i read somewhere that removing milk from your diet is a natural way to improve your mood. Coupled with that fact and this report by Viva ( I honestly think the report affected me more as i was breast feeding at the time so i thought i could relate (yes, I am talking about relating to a cow - dont laugh too hard)) I cut all milk out of my diet without a second thought and it had never been so easy to do so.

Slowly over time my mood imroved ( meds or no milk???) and milk slowly snuck back into my diet. Not in a big way but i now have milk in my tea,eat real butter and cheese but you would still not catch me with a yoghurt or a glass of milk.

My mood has been slowly getting worse and worse over the last 2 or 3 months and although i have decided to go back onto my medication i dint want this to be permanent so i am trying to make small changes to my habits/diet to help myself.

I have started taking my complex B vitamins every day as well as trying to eat more Bananas. But this week (Mon-Fri) i have decided to remove dairy from my diet again to see if i have any improvement and in an aim to up my vegetable intake i have decided to take it a step further and go Vegan for the week.

As i type this i have my cup of tea with soya milk beside me and fruit in my bag for lunch. I will keep you updated on how i am going this week.

My hope for the future that even if i do not stay vegan some healthy habits will come out of this.

Your thoughts are much appreciated

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