Friday, 18 September 2009

Todays Ramblings - Motivation

I have just had a sesssion with my personal trainer and loved it (I even nearly cancelled today as i was feelingso low this morning)

Why can i not motivate myself to do things during the week on my own - especially when i have a programme already written for me.

What motivates you to exercise??
Does it become habbit or is it always hard work??
Do you have a mantra or a piece of music that gets you fired up ??

1 comment :

  1. Love your blogg, I can check up on you all week now!!!

    So glad you didn't cancel your session as you ended up working really hard. Boxing and running in one session is good!

    Exercise does become become a habbit but only after months of forcing yourself to workout every other day, so for the next 3 months I want to see comments on all the exercise you have been doing! It will be fun with your ipod touch and all those new apps!!!

    Good luck and work hard......I will be watching you!