Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Need for speed

I LOVE to run (I have just returned from my first run without my trainer since i cant even remember)

When I was younger I would run ( distance & speed) at every chance i got, but since leaving school i have done no running at all.

Until a few sessions ago when i went running ( well jog and walk) with my trainer and surprisingly (to me - I was dreading it) I still love it even though it's 100 times harder than i ever remember it

Because its something i will enjoy working at I have decided to make running a set distance within a set time one of my long term goals

To start with:

The distance is 1.4 miles ( nicely round my estate and the route i take with my trainer)
Time: 15 minutes which is approx 6mph which i believe is the human average jogging speed.

Ultimately i would like to get to 8mph ( average running speed) and then will start increasing the distance slowly.

I will post my times in the new box on the left so everyone can see how i am progressing

Wish me luck

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