Thursday, 10 September 2009

In the search for the perfect...........Mineral Makeup

As well as searching for my perfect red, I am also really interested in trying to find a brand of mineral make up that I love.
In the past i have used Bare Escentuals but this is far tooooooo expensive to experiment with, and as thats what i am looking to do, especially with blush and eyeshadow ( as mineral doesnt aggrevate my eyes excessively).
So my aim is to find the perfect balance between price (inc shipping) , quality and colour range.

Any suggestions?

I have brought some LA Minerals which turned up today but I shall post about later once I have had a play


  1. Have you tried bare minerals?

  2. I always thought bare minerals and bare escentuals were the same company - am i wrong??

  3. TheSheSpace, Silk Naturals (great dupes), Earthen Glow Minerals and Cory Cosmetics are 4 that I've tried and would happily recommend :)

  4. I have just gone slightly mad at 'TheSheSpace' lol and i am now off to check out the others