Sunday, 6 September 2009

IMHO - 5 word (approx) reviews

What are Sundays evenings for if its not messing around with makeup and your daughter???

picture experterly taken by Paige

I used a few of my new products to have a go at creating an 'alternative' look. Im not sure what I came up with was very different or original but its a start for me.


Purple eyshadow from Superdrugs Beautyuk eyeshadow collection no.2
Went on a bit blotchy (maybe application, maybe shadow) but all the colours in the collection are fab and will be used as eyeliner if nothing else.

Eyeko magic Liquid Eyeliner
Is so amazing will have its own post

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara
Fantastic and easy to apply, I am starting to become a maybelline convert

MAC pure pigment in basic red
I have strugled with this on my eyes but today I used it as a blusher and really liked it.

On a separate note- if anyone wants half a pot of this pigment message me or leave a comment

Opia eyeshadow dusts in black and bright pink (from Primark)
I was not expecting much but I was very pleasently surprised. I used this with the eyeko magic liquid eyeliner so see my next post for a picture. I shall be getting some more duo's if there are any

StarGazer fantasy lipgloss in Violet
I love it, fantastic consistency and colour. Shall be bying some more colours

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