Thursday, 3 September 2009

Im In Love !!!!!!!


  1. ~ whoa! ~ I like it too!! Is it a clutch? What is it made of and where do you buy it? Who makes it? How much $$? Inquiring minds want to know!
    * ; )

  2. Net-a-porter describe it as "Alexander McQueen's Swarovski crystal-embellished petrol knuckle duster clutch" and were selling it for £795 but its all sold out.

    There is however a competition on to win one.

    Fingers and toes all crossed that i either win the competiton or a fab high street version hits the streets very very soon


  3. Hey!

    Just saw your comment on Hoppity Goes To Town!! Thought i was the only person that had seen that film-it was my absolute FAVE when I was young!!

    x x

  4. I just happened to record it when it was on film 4 a few weeks ago and my daughter always wants to watch it ( I quite enjoy it too lol) but we have had to buy it on DVD as she gets upset during the advert breaks

    Thanks for following xx