Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A tiny bit about me (in pictures)

I am 22,married (3 years) to Gary and have a beautiful daighter Paige (21 months)

I work full time as an accountant

I spend every spare penny I have (as well as keeping my credit card company in business) on makeup

I am desparate to loose weight and look like Angelina Jolie

I am current stretching my earlobe (only to 3mm) so I can have a fleshtunnel in

I want my hair purple but cant because of work
I have 4 tattoo's but need more (lots more)

I love all red and sparkly makeup but I am rubbish at applying it. I need some good brushes

Anything else you would like to know, then ask away as I started this blog to become part of a community thats as fascinated with makeup as me, and to get and provide advice and support on everything from diets to getting tattoos


  1. My ears are now at 3mm and i think i will be stopping there for now (my work are less than impressed with my tattoos so i dont want to annoy them tooooooo much more)

    10 weeks will fly by - keep me updated !!

    I dont know about drop earings for gauged ears - i will look into it. As i only have one ear stretched i have just been making single earrings recently lol.


  2. Aww your little girl is gorgeous. Mine is nearly the same age, she will be 21 months next wednesday x

  3. @Jen They grow up sooooooooooo quickly dont they.

  4. They really do, it feels like yesterday I was up all night with a screaming colicky baby!