Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Mon 31 August - Diary

6 cups of tea with milk and sweetner
2 cans of Dr Pepper ( I do not drink fizzy normally but we had friends round yesterday and I felt left out)
Tumbler of cider and lemonade

No breakfast
Gammon roll for lunch (brown roll but with proper butter)
Pasta in a tomato sauce with chicken and cheese ( it was a prepacked bake with cheese already in it so i did not add any extra cheese)
4 small slices of garlic bread ( this is good for me, i could have eaten more)

I try to leave a little bit of food on my plate after every meal to retrain my brain that you can stop when your hungry and so far I am managing to leave food but its far harder than i would have imagined.

No real exercise *sob* but i did take my daughter to the park so we had a little walk and run around.

Not enough water.

Tomorrows goal : at least 5 cups of water at work

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