Thursday, 6 August 2009


Having been off work all week ill I have been trawling blog land and have stumbled on this blog, amongst many, by Krystle Clayton.

And this picture especially inspired me as not only do I dream of being able to go to work looking like this but I wanted to be able to try out my new BASIC RED MATT PIGMENT FROM MAC.

So of I went into internetland looking for a red eyemakeup tutorial and found this from MissChevious.

Blog here.
Youtube tutorial here.

It all started well, sat by my computer with everything in front of me and Gary in the kitchen making me a cup of tea I started watching the tutorial.
(excuse the hair and clothes - I am poorly)

On the first attempt I was slightly over zealous with the red so found some wipes and started again.

Second attempt, got the red on ok ( but i will add at this point i was very disappointed with the product - it was no where near as red as i would have liked it to have been and as much as i tried to build up coverage it never happened), then it came to putting on the white and it was as this point i discovered i had brought a shimmery white downstairs and no matter how hard i looked i could not find a matt one.

I decided to carry on with what I had as this was only a practice after all and after putting the white on I cheated and skipped the glitter and done my eyebrow as I could not get much wrong there.

Then on to the glitter, considering the draws and draws of makeup I have I did not have any glitter when i checked earlier in the week so i put my trust in the first product that came on up on ebay which happened to be a Stargazer eye and body glitter. The product just would not sit on top of the MAC, (it sat ok on the cheap glittery white) it just seemed to dissolve the makeup and i think it must be because of the gel the glitter is is.

So starting to feel fed up I gave up on the eye makeup

I did however try the lipstick I had brought with the glitter, Stargazer 127, and as I did not want to write of the glitter I tried it on its own on my skin and then ontop of the lipstick (and I will be using it again), but alas the pictures came out soooooooo rubbish and blurry I cant show you which is disappointing.

Maybe you can help:

1. Where can a get a decent matt white (highstreet prices)
2. Who does a good cosmetic glitter and glue for around the eyes
2. Can anyone recommend a decent camera for close up pictures like all the other fab blogs seem to have.

I will review the products I brought from stargazer soon when I have something to compare them too.

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